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the magical time of today and tomorrow

why does the day end and begin at midnight? each must lead into the next at some point. mathematically, or scientifically, or whatever, it makes sense to have an exact and explicit time for that transition to take place. midnight. but us humans are not mathematical, nor scientific, creatures, or whatever. we move in ways unconstrained by numbers and logic. the day ends when we fall asleep, and begins when we wake.

it seems a shame then that so-called smart fitness trackers don't understand this. if one was to walk home after a night out and in doing so take a thousand steps between five minutes to midnight and twenty past one in the morning (with the morning being the middle of the night), how is it beneficial to lump those steps with the steps of tomorrow rather than the steps of today? they are part of the same walk with no rest in between. these machines know when we sleep, why can they not consider that sleep to be when we consider the day to end?

it's all very well making the smart things smarter and filled with machine learnings to tell when it's dinner time and what's on the television, but it's the little things, the simple things, that really make the thing. i call them joyful features, but they shouldn't make any user feel joy, until they realise one day that the thing that has been happening is the thing that's meant to be happening. and then they might feel happy if they've been unfortunate to use something less joyful beforehand, but really they should feel nothing, because it should be entirely expected for the thing to have done it's thing in the way that it did.