<3 distinctly pink —

2020 redesign

in a lot of ways, the title is a bit misleading, as the version of the site that's live now is probably the fourth redesign of 2020. regardless, it's the first redesign that fully overhauls all of the legacy code, and makes the site updatable in some kind of vaguely sensible way.

so what's changed? before there were a bunch of shell scripts doing various things, and i accidentally deleted everything a couple of times. obviously i didn't have backups. now, the shell scripts only print to stdout and a makefile takes control of actually changing things. as i mention in the pinboard bookmarking service. as the front page mentions, there are barely any graphics around because gimp doesn't work on wayland, and i didn't want to get xwayland going. until i find something else or gimp gets to gtk4 it'll probably stay this way.

there are a few new additions — the bookmarks and linklog pages weren't around before, and the now page, wishlist, contact page, uses and colophon were all a bit different or not easy to access. i'm not entirely sure how i'm going to use them all but hopefully as i work something out you'll be able to enjoy them too!

i guess the other major change is the move from websafe light pink #ffccff to named colour hotpink. the light pink was looking a bit washed out, and is technically purple which was obvious in some lighting. i think it's a nice new colour :)

that's pretty much everything. not a lot has changed, i'm going to continue not really writing anything (although i'm still going to keep telling myself that i'm going to write more), but it's just another facet of my life which is that bit more organised and coherent now. i hope you're doing well and staying safe. see you soon <3