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work in progress

here's a list of the things i've read, watched, listened to, played, and so on.

the first sixteen years or so of this list have been filled in retroactively. as such a lot of the books might be a year out, and a lot don't appear at all. then again, i'm sure it mostly doesn't matter, it's mostly generic children's fiction.















    - [film] Flushed Away
    - [film] Zootropolis
    - [film] It's a Wonderful Life
    - [film] Big Hero 6
    - [film] Cool Runnings
    - [film] Gnomeo and Juliet
    - [film] Toy Story
    - [film] Johnny English
    - [film] Little Rascals
    - [film] Finding Nemo
    - [film] Singin' in the Rain
    - [film] Miracle on 34th Street
    - [film] ET
    - [film] Elf
    - [film] Peewee's Big Adventure
    - [film] Edward Scissorhands
    - [film] Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory
    - [film] The Incredibles
    - [film] The Princess Bride
    - [film] The Goonies
    - [film] West Side Story
    - [film] Slumdog Millionaire
    - [film] Karate Kid
    - [film] Stand by Me
    - [film] Grease
    - [film] Big
    - [film] Fantastic Mr Fox
    - [film] Some Like it Hot
    - [film] Raiders of the Lost Ark
    - [film] Up
    - [film] Jurassic Park
    - [film] Matilda
    - [film] Little Women (2019)
    - [film] Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
    - [film] Interstellar
    - [film] Mrs Doubtfire
    - [film] Disney Annie
    - [film] Wallace and Gromit - Curse of the Werebunny
    - [film] Chicken Run
    - [film] Castaway
    - [film] Lego Batman
    - [film] A Monster Calls
    - [film] Hairspray

    - [book] the wind in the willows
    - [book] the nine lives of montezuma by michael morpurgo
    - [book] skeleton key
    - [book] stormbreaker
    - [book] the hundred and one dalmations
    - [book] the boy in the striped pyjamas
    - [book] there's a boy in the girls' bathroom
    - [book] stig of the dump
    - [book] kensuke's kingdom
    - [book] alone on a wide wide sea
    - [book] the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
    - [book] the fault in our stars
    - [book] coraline
    - [book] the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime
    - [book] little women
    - [book] animal farm
    - [book] the strange case of dr jekyll and mr hyde
    - [book] the pavilion on the links
    - [book] romeo and juliet
    - [book] more than this
    - [book] holes
    - [book] ting tang tommy
    - [book] a murder is announced
    - [book] the tempest
    - [book] of mice and men
    - [book] what if
    - [book] the book of lost things
    - [book] macbeth
    - [book] the time traveller's wife
    - [book] an inspector calls
    - [book] sherlock holmes
    - [book] the murder at the vicarage
    - [book] murder on the orient express
    - [book] death on the nile
    - [book] parker pyne investigates
    - [book] and then there were none
    - [book] n or m?
    - [book] the adventure of the christmas pudding
    - [book] crooked house
    - [book] fahrenheit 451
    - [book] the unlikely pilgrimage of harold fry
    - [book] the love song of miss queenie hennessy
    - [book] the abc murders
    - [book] dead man's folly
    - [book] at bertram's hotel
    - [book] the thirteen problems
    - [book] the hound of death
    - [book] the music shop by rachel joyce


    - [film] Lady and the Tramp
    - [film] Neverending Story
    - [film] Driving Miss Daisy
    - [film] Chariots of Fire
    - [film] Brief Encounter
    - [film] Some Like it Hot
    - [film] Rebecca
    - [film] Anne of Green Gables
    - [film] Jurassic Park
    - [film] Karate Kid
    - [book] random acts of heroic love
    - [mus.] the best of john denver, volume 2
    - [book] metamorphosis by franz kafka
    - [book] good omens by terry pratchett & neil gaiman
    - [book] dirk gently's holisitc detective agency by douglas adams
    - [book] the picture of dorian gray
    - [book] a gentleman in moscow
    - [book] the river king by alice hoffman
    - [book] the happy prince and other tales by oscar wilde
    - [film] This is Spinal Tap
    - [book] east of croyden by sue perkins
    - [book] the hound of the baskervilles by arthur conan doyle
    - [film] Descendants
    - [book] the great gatsby
    - [book] transcription
    - [book] crooked heart
    - [film] The Parent Trap
    - [book] ethics in the real world
    - [book] pride and prejudice
    - [book] do androids dream of electric sheep?
    - [book] jeeves in the offing