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hello. i'm noah. i'm a human, a student, and so glad to meet you :)

you can find out more about me on the about page.


this is my personal web place. for some reason people stopped doing them as much, but i think it's a lot of fun. i put stuff i've done and stuff i find interesting here.

oh also it's a static site


are you talking about me, or the website? i don't make dates a big thing, because i don't really care about them*.


i'm in england.

this site is somewhere stateless, hosted on github's pages. it's not something i endorse but at this moment i can't do any better.


i write the pages for this site in nvi, using html. some shell scripts are used to add a header and a footer to each page. make is used to run the scripts on every page.

this is cool because it means that most site rebuilds are very fast; make is designed only to do things to things that have changed. also, shell scripts run in so many places, as does make; the platform support is huge.


the site design changes quite often, because i find design fun and html quite an expressive medium. there are a few things that inform every design.

the first is simplicity. complex things get confusing and break, or are hard to maintain. i want the site to look okay anywhere. it doesn't matter if it doesn't look good everywhere because looks shouldn't be everything.

the second is privacy. i don't want to use any fonts or frameworks from elsewhere because they tend to be distributed by big corporations who don't care about you. there are no social widgets here either.

the third is intentionalism. different technologies are built for different purposes. building a website entirely out of javascript isn't using the right tool for the right job. it also tends to make it much more difficult for anyone else to explore the source code, which is how i learnt, and an important part of a truly open web.

the fourth is responsibility for resources. just because we have better computers or faster internet doesn't mean we have to always use them. it's a shame that computers have so much more power and yet doing the same things on them twenty years later is not particularly faster. most web pages don't need to be so big and should load instantly. i am not so important to you that my website should take ten seconds.

there's a lot of overlap between those principles.

* (that doesn't mean that i don't want to go on a cute date with you)