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about me

hello my name is noah and i am a human individual who has lived on this planet earth for my whole life. i have two eyes, two ears, a mouth and a nose, as well as a head, shoulders, knees, and toes.

like any conventional homo sapiens, i have many hobbies with which i occupy my fleeting time before the warm embrace of death. i manipulate the frequency of the movement of air using a horse's tail. this is a cynical yet amusing way to say that i play the cello. on top of this i read books and collate information about the most fascinating parts of the world; i do this for fun, rather than as part of any interplanetery reconnaissance programme.

my online presence is fragmented, but that's the way i like it. most of the worthwhile stuff is at this site.

i do not eat meat, for various reasons.

other things i would describe myself as include hacker, emacs evangelist, luddite, solarpunk, abstraction disparager, advocate for free software, privacy, and simplicity, socialist, philology diletante, and up myself.

i also practice minimalism, but not primarily by removing possessions from my life; i would rather have a turntable and a hundred records than another application on an iphone, for example. i call this philosophy intentionalism (which can be confused with the legal concept of original intent - if you have any better names, please let me know).

talk about me

you can use any pronouns to refer to me, although i'd recommend using the same as anyone else in any particular situation to minimise confusion. people tend to use he/him or they/them. if you are happy to cause confusion or a precedent hasn't been set, i recommend they/them, particularly if my neither my sex nor gender should play a part in the discussion.

i don't really shorten my name. sometimes people call me "no" which i don't mind. if i'm really getting picky you might have noticed i prefer not to use capital letters, but that's a personal aesthetic preference and should not take precedence over any standard practice or personal style guide. feel free to keep or drop the "h", legally it's there but i'm fine without it. if you're writing to me in esperanto, drop the h as that's the standard spelling of "noah" in the universal language.